Art of JAZZ – Lunch time concert

Art of the Possible presents a collection of jazz ensembles from the Elder Conservatorium’s Jazz  Department.


KAZIMIERZ is the brainchild of Miles Kazimierz Farnan. Taking the production mindset of artists like Flying Lotus and Clever Austin, KAZIMIERZ aims to create intense electronic based music live. Compositions by Miles written with the help of Dan Isler and Giacomo Guttilla.

Miles Farnan – Drums and Composition

Dan Isler – Trumpet and effects

Giacomo Guttilla – Saxophones

Marco Callisto – Keyboards

Jayden Dawson – Bass

Act 2: Minnie Little and Friends

Minnie Little and Friends is a pop/jazz/funk collaboration that features 4/5 of the musicians from the folk/prog/jazz-identifying group Minnie Little. The music is written by bassist Tasha Stevens, taking inspiration from the characters of people around her and inviting the audience to meet those in her life through sweet vocal and instrumental harmony.

Jasmine Ferguson – vocals/trombone

Emma Simpson-Smith – vocals/trumpet

Georgia Turner – vocals

Kara Manansala – vocals

Ciara Ferguson – piano

Tasha Stevens – bass

Lewis Todd – drums

Act 3: Sauce Code

Sauce Code is a group dedicated to showcasing an eclectic assembly of weird and wacky original compositions, with the sole vision of injecting some life and personality into everything we play (don’t let Lenny’s love of aubergine cultivation throw you off). With Harrison on the acoustic crowd pleaser, Angus on the goose modulators (plural), Andrew on the digital ivory simulator, Lenny on the dead tree and Miles on the self-serve anger management kit, it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and if not, then you need to get your priorities in order.

Harrison Smith – trumpet

Angus Graham – saxophones

Andrew Casey – keyboards

Lenny Regione – bass

Miles Farnan – drums