Silent Sessions – Literature, Sheet Music & Sonic Arts

Have a look at of all our submissions for 2021! Poetry, Stories, Essays, Compositions and Music & More!


Lakeisha Watkins – The Mighty Ducks of Australia

Katherine Moularadellis – Abortion is Healthcare

Zara Richards – One in Six

Sheet Music

Chelsea Watson – Calm Before the Storm

Sonic Arts

Alex Mader – Trajan Review
Amin Vojdani Rezvani – Child2Bride
Anders Bogdanowicz – Denouncement
Dylan Cooper – Moon Sign Gemini
Finn Wallbridge – Rooms
Georgia Oatley – 4G ft. Liam
Georgia Oatley – 10AM
Georgia Oatley – Of Grief (Live at Half Time 15-9-18)
Georgia Oatley – Recycling
Joel Regan – A Phonecall
Netanya – King of my Castle
Laurence Walker – Cloudspace
Lifecylce – Throwaway Electronics
Thomas Gardiner – Anticipating Arrival
Tim Edwards – Self-Titled

A big thank you to everyone who submitted. All rights remain with the original writers, composers and producers.